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I know it's frustrating, but you really need to for information.

Are you running the e85 maps? If not download the e85 maps and start over. If that doesn't help, then put more gas in your tank to reduce the Ethanol content.

Also, running on Map2 is not going to resolve the issue, just make it worse. Map2 is setup to be more aggressive and Map4 uses Map2 when you're running Meth. So before you start playing with Map2, fix the issue with Map1.

What codes are you getting when you hit 3rd gear? Maybe your HPFP can't handle the load or your LPFP can't feed your HPFP. Codes would tell the story.

If you have set the OL setting in Global User Adjustable Parameters to 100 and it still doesn't fix the issue. You can try to increase values in the Open Loop Fuel (Map 1) table. From your logs, you should be able to see the load and RPM that you ran out of fuel and max'd your trims. Up the value in the table by +5 and test. If that brings your trim below 34, then you should be ok.