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Originally Posted by andrew_b View Post
You can't buy a BMW warranty after the original (or CPO) warranty has expired. Not sure about aftermarket plans, but not sure how helpful they are anyway.

Oil/filter, about $100 (just materials are about $75-80). Plugs, $250 or about $100 if you DIY, brake pads and rotors can be pricey, $400-500 for all four. You can DIY on all those if you are inclined.

I wouldn't worry about HPFP - if it hasn't been replaced, you can have it replaced under the recall. They were a real problem, but haven't heard much at all about them lately now that they have the issues fixed with the part.

One thing I would watch for is a leaking mechatronic sleeve and/or tranmission oil pan. Very common, and if not covered under warranty is about a $700-1000 fix done at the dealer. Look under the car, if you see the trans oil pan has oil on it, make them get it fixed, knock $1000 off, or pass. it will show up as possibly very small drips (maybe not even enough to drip) in the area further back from the oil drain plug. You can see the trans oil pan even with the underbody sheathing on, there is a gap between the front and rear covers, this is the area you'll see if there are any leaks.
Thanks for the reply - I'll look under the car today. On the car fax a couple years ago there's a line - "checked oil pan leak" or something of that sort.

Was there a recall on the fuel pump? If he has yearly maintenance at the dealer would they automatically fix it?