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Drove a GTR

While out cruising in the 1M yesterday, I just so happened to pass my local Nissan dealer here in the Mandeville area. They had a 2010 Program GTR on the lot they were asking 68900 for. I wasn't really interested in the car, as it is I am considering selling the 1M. The wife thought the car looked cool and it is a DCT. I had heard so much about the car and the salesman was really anxious to sell it that I at least got to spend a few hours driving it.

The car is an absolute MONSTER. It is a freight train on wheels, 0-140 is about 10 seconds, with no traction control on there is still no wheel spin, launch control is mind numbing. The car handles the curves every bit as good as my 1M at even higher speeds. The interior is TERRIBLE however, poor ergonomics, I am pretty sure the radio came out of an Altima. The exterior car size is more 3 series than 1 series, but the inside demisions are tighter than my 1, they should have just left the back seats out. The factory Recaros are amazing, but you sit so low in the car, the transmission hump is your armrest and it all just feels a bit "off". The DCT in the rear is amazingly fast and intelligent, but it is extremely clunky and very loud. It truely is an amazing machine overall though, such a shame it is a Nissan I guess, but if it were a BMW they may be asking twice the price. We went to the grocery in it and a lady asked us what kind of car it was, tempted to tell her the bat-mobile, but instead told her it was the new Altima, she didn't even second guess it.

They offered me 49k for my car on the trade, used car manager said it was the first time in his 20 years at the dealer offering someone more for their used car than the sticker price when the car was new, lol.
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