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Originally Posted by ken1137 View Post
I dont think anyone mentioned this yet, but pay for a pre-paid inspection (PPI). About $150 at a local Indy familiar with BMWs. The seller should allow this, if not walk away. The shop can look into the oil pan leak. The price seems fair considering the mileage and yes, you can buy an extended warranty from a BMW dealer and cost is around $1800 to $3000 depending on the timeline, car status, and coverage. can also handle some of the maintenance yourself, if you are not mechanically inclined there are many DIY's in this forum. A good way to learn and will save you $$$.
I thought that once the original warranty was out you had to go aftermarket for a service agreement - if not, that's pretty cool (depending on terms and cost, of course).

And yes, OP, a PPI is an excellent idea. Either a shop that knows BMWs well, or the dealer.

HPFP has a recall, 100K miles and I forget how long, but it will still be covered. I'm not sure if they will just automatically replace it at the dealer, or if it has to fail before they'll replace it.

2007 E93 N54