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Remap 335D?

*Readies Flamesuit*

Had the car since July this year and honestly………………………every day feels like it's brand new, like I've only had it a know, I still turn around every night after parking it lol. I just don't see that novelty factor changing in the near future at all. Truth be told, I'm still stunned by it's torque and power, I just don't know whether I really need it remapped? I see from the figures that the gains are plenty and exponential but what long term effects will they have on the car which does say about 15k p/annum or so…?

I know everyone dances about remaps and I guess not having been in one, I’m not pushed to have one myself… but I have seen what it can do to a PRE LCI 325D and LCI 335D and I was truly impressed!

The saying, “if its not broken, don’t try and fix it” would apply.. Question is - If I’m already loving how powerful a standard 335D engine is and what it produces, should I bother with a map?

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