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Wrong, wrong, wrong! BMW still sells Dinan products at their dealerships and honors warranty on Dinan-equipped cars. I don't know where these rumors come from. And on top of that, there is plenty of reason to use their products other than the warranty - because they're well-engineered and are based on professional racing expertise. Guess whose engines are in the Riley-BMWs in professional sports car racing like ALMS and other venues? I've used Dinan products since 2001 on 3 different cars (two E46, one E92), never had a problem, and would rather spend the extra money for the quality than roll the dice on someone else's fast-and-furious cheap stuff.

Once again, this post was about the difference between Dinan S2 and S3 - so let's cut the crap and stop knocking a vendor who's been tuning BMWs for over 20 years. If you don't like Dinan or can't afford it - fine, just keep your comments to yourself.
No, you are wrong. BMW does not back Dinan-modded cars. Dinan offers their own warranty that replaces the factory warranty. Maybe your dealership supports Dinan and has a relationship with them, but that is not true for all dealerships.

I would hardly call tuners like Cobb or ESS "fast-and-furious" cheap stuff. If memory serves me right, Dinan has created some pretty "fast-and-furious" products themselves.

I never said that Dinan makes poor products. This is a public forum and people are going to share their opinions. If you don't like it, go kick rocks.