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Originally Posted by CHECKERED View Post
This is not correct, boost level is dependent on turbo and wastegate cycle you can’t magically get more “psi” by adding an intercooler or intake or exhaust, mods allows the engine to operate more efficiently which will make more power at the same boost level but boost is not increased.
Lastly, the amount of boost that you can run is not dependent on mods as much as you the people who make them want you to think. In the N54 motor its all about octane.
Having stock exhaust and cats will make the engine work harder and run hotter, however if you are running 104 octane you will still make a target boost level of ~16psi you just won’t make as much power as someone who is running 16psi but is fully modded.
Great points. Also, the N54 DME is load targeting, so running the same map with less restrictive intake/exhaust may result in running less boost because it can reach load targets easier.
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