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trust me tune is coming really soon!!! I'm going with Cobb b/c is it basically dummy proof lol. I've never been one to do performance mods on a car. I always did cosmetics. So after research even though it might not be the most aggressive tune, it is the best tune for me until I get a little more knowledgeable about everything.

Originally Posted by ihc95 View Post
I'm guessing this was the 7" unit? Anyway it looks great with the m-sport bumper. And I agree you're really not going to feel much of a difference without a tune. But at the same time this is probably the most important supporting mod for this car so it's good you got it out of the way so you can continue making this car a beast.
Yes it is the 7" unit. and DP and fmic are the BIGGEST, most beneficial, and healthiest supporting mods for this car. (and can be the cheapest compared to the Cobb tuning)

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Love your car's stance. The FMIC is a good bluff until you ramp up the boost
thanks, thats why I went ahead and got it for an aggressive look...the M-sport bumper and M3 rep mouths are to big to be so empty looking.

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Can't believe this took you 10 hours. I think this took me 4 and that was way too long. You can get the stock FMIC out in under 30 min from underneath. No need to remove the bumper either, just the fan.
The 10 hours maybe was and exaggeration lol. It honestly took about 5.5-6ish hours 7pm-2am (and this included about an hour break for lunch a few beer breaks and looking for stuff to cut the plastic with) You are right it took about 30 to take the stock one out and we did this with the bumper on. We took the bumper off so we could have an easier time trimming everything. It took us almost an hour to get the one-time crimpped oem piping off the passenger side. Once we got all the oem piping off it took, everything was pretty much straight forward.

too much to list...just know its wide and bagged