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as it is, we're headed into a welfare state: just look at the popular values. america (generally speaking, i hardly ever use absolutes) values football and playmates over science and knowledge.

will america completely collapse? i doubt it, there's enough good stuff here. it will likely retract to a larger party of world powers (england, germany, china, india etc). that's why romney was so pro-military, it's america's last great bargaining chip. but without the dough, downsizing is inevitable.

and only a fool will believe that the smart money will be left holding the bag. a few clicks and i can move all my money across the continent, finding a new job is not as fast. the same people that promote and enjoy socialist benefits, are the same ones who likely have never left their home state.

"the problem with democracy is that most people don't deserve to vote"

"you'd be surprised how many people here don't even have $1000"

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