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Originally Posted by Joshboody View Post
Some cars can't have as aggressive tuning as others before they get a low pressure code. You need to fine tune the OL 3D table, boost, AFR, E mix, etc depending on your goals. 3rd gear you'll use more fuel due to meeting boost targets and higher load... this is the gear (or even 4th) you need to use for tuning/logging.

I doubt it's O2... recently I thought I had a "slow" O2, but it ended up being WGs, which were recently changed and now no "slow" O2. 1 WG was doing most of the boost control, so air/fuel had more fluctuation. Likely not your issue though. If O2's are meeting AFR target when trims are good (ie. at part throttle), they should be ok.

BTW, I don't see any logs. You can post logs and even your current map and I (and others) can help walk you through tuning... it would probably be good for many others also.
i have tried to tune the OL fuel table, it doesnt change a thing related to this issue of shifting into third
what do you mean you dont see any logs? ive posted 3 in this thread...