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Originally Posted by vtsng View Post
I recently opened up the back cover of my Depo P90 and noticed that something was in the way of the cover/ seal as I was closing it.

It turns out that there is a zip tie that goes right around from one opening and out the other (in the high beam opening and out the low beam opening and zip tied into a loop). As a result it sits right on the seal of both covers creating an uneven close (wedging into the seals).

I was just about to snip the zip ties but decided I'd ask around first before I go about doing so.

I noticed that others have posted pictures of the back of their depo p90 with the exact same zip tie loops in place.

Any ideas what it could be?

Here's my photo:

Here's one that someone else posted: (ignore the yellow circle and arrow)

A4 Depo Headlights (white zip tie)
I never saw that on mine. Possible that it was for shipping purposes. Who did you buy from, i would send them photo's before cutting. Good Luck.