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this may sound funny to some but it worked wonders for me, being an unhealthy eater for all my life(fast food, carbs sweets etc) sticking to a strict diet was pretty much impossible for me. One day as i was walking around walmart i saw one of those thrash bag looking suits that make you sweat more and decided to give it a try, i started off sprinting 5mins followed by 10 mins of running in the mornings before work and same at night after work since i was so out of shape, then as i got a little more resistance i would push it an extra 5 sometimes 10 mins before i knew it i had shed like 20+ pounds in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks. The results could have been much better with a balanced diet of course but iam one of those people that believes the last thing they'll take to their grave if they suddenly die one day may be a good meal lol. Although i will admit i cut off sodas almost altogether and tried not to eat later on the night like after im fat and out of shape again but thats mainly because of my desk job and the fact that i know i have the capability to loose the weight quick in that manner.

anyways i hope that is of any help to you and remember that the #1 rule to loosing weight is to get it in your head that you can do it. No power of will=no results