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N55 DP FIX Review - product of STI959

So as you guys know, STI959 did not want to sell me his dp fix because i wanted to wait for BMS to come out with theirs. That kind of rubbed him the wrong way so i was left in the cold trying to find something myself or take the DP off.

Well i took it upon myself to contact another member who was willing to help me secure one of these under cover. It creates a lot of back and forth with coordination of payments etc. So it was a hell of a deal just to get one.

Now i finally got it and installed it the very same day as I couldn't wait for this thing to work. So it took me a bout 30min. to install as i wanted to make sure i didn't miss anything. Its easy, per my advice he did incorporate the OEM clip so it is truly a plug and play.

The box isn't that great in terms of quality, but i'm not really expecting top notch quality as he is not even a vendor here. There are two LEDs in there that light up as there are any current flowing - like when you unlock a door or start the car. One LED is for the heater element on the O2 sensor, and i forget what the other one was for. But one stays on, and the other one blinks.

So i re-set all my tuner codes and turned off CAN auto clear so that all codes come through if any during my drive cycles. The first day was good, no codes at all. I took it for a 20 min. drive to work keeping with all the rules of setting readiness. Then 20 min. back and we were still good. The third day it gave me a code which at this time i think it was ready to set readiness or fail.

It kept getting codes as stated bellow...

3106 - Catalytic converter: Efficiency below limit (The diagnostic function monitors the ability of the catalytic converter to store oxygen)

2BCB - Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter Exhaust gas after cat. conv. too lean (The diagnostic function monitors the oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter to determine whether it displays a consistent deviation.)

2D13 - Oxygen sensor heating after catalytic converter, function: Internal resistance too high (The diagnostic function monitors the difference between the expected and the actual internal resistance in the heater for the oxygen sensor behind the catalytic converter)

Anyway, he was pretty good about it to send me a new one for free to test. Once I got that one, it was even worse... nothing worked. Not even the lights in the box came on so i thought it may just be his initial one that didn't have the fancy LEDs in.

Now the dude got banned from these forums because he tried to advertise and sell his product without being a vendor, and hopefully I wont get banned for reviewing it. Hopefully not, because i'm telling you that it does not work. I think he pulled it off of Ebay as well because I can't imagine the headache of having to refund everybody's money.

So I sent both units back to him and got a full refund. The search is still on for a DP Fix that will work for us. I commend the dude for trying and i hope somebody out there is working on it as well. I know BMS has stopped trying because they dont like the liability aspect of this product at all. I'm afraid we are in the dark.

If STI959 wants to work with me now then i'm still willing to test it for him and hopefully he'll get a vendor agreement signed if he is serious about making some money on here!

Sorry for the bad news guys!