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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
What should the Republicans do ? Change portions of their platform to appeal to those who choose to not act in their own long term best interest?
From my point of view I see it as an issue of branding and marketing for the Republicans; and to a larger part that history does repeat itself. Thinking about this I recall my grandparents’ stories of the “Great Depression”. They squarely put the blame on Herbert Hoover and the Republicans. As a result they never voted for a Republican—my Grandmother is 90 and has never voted for anyone other than a Democrat. At another critical moment during the “Stagflation” of the 70s the pendulum swung in the other direction, which ushered in “Reaganomics”. There are many, such as myself, who remain captivated by what he achieved. The most recent “Great Recession” has now produced a demographic that blames the Republican Bush (for right wrong or indifferent because it doesn’t matter to illustrate the point) and as a result will not sway toward the GOP.

That’s the dilemma for the GOP: How to rebrand itself as an inclusive party, the party with ideas that can broadcast its message, but more importantly convince people sincerely. I believe it starts with pulling away from the social issues that many don’t see as that important. It’s apparent that they need to do something. All their traction is lost by idiots saying rape is God’s will (may not be Murdoch’s words exactly, but that’s what the press reported so therefore it’s reality). I think the older you get the more focused you become on long term interests. The majority of the younger crowd doesn't think in those terms...