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Like others are suggesting, you could start out on a midi controller such as the traktor S4, but I had one and quickly got bored of it. You can use it to learn mixing techniques, and how to eq. I recommend starting out on a very basic setup with a simple 2 or 4 channel mixer and cd players. AS you improve your skills, you can buy more advanced, and more expensive equipment. I have seen many Pioneer DJM 700's and 800's for sale used for some great prices lately, or if you're looking for a cheaper mixer that still has some effects, look into Behringer. Behringer's quality is nowhere like Denon or Pioneer equipment, however it could be ideal for a beginner. As for players, some used CDJ400's or 800's could do the job.By going with this setup rather than with a midi controller, you can learn how to properly beatmatch as well. A comfortable set of headphones will do. You don't need the best equipment to learn. There are tutorials all over the internet to learn and make sure to practice yourself. Listen to ALOT of music and listen to alot of sets. Know your music well. Mixed in Key can be a great tool. Practice as much as you can. Hope this was helpful!
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