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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
I don't keep images that badly underexposed, but I'll try to do a test this weekend. What percentage is that example shown at? That's pretty incredible.

Oh, I don't use ACR, so that may be why I've never noticed that. My 7D images get a cartoonish, mosaic like character when unexposed at high ISO. I'll convert my example in DxO, Sagelight, DPP and IrFanview to see what differences might be attributable to software.

Does ISO make a difference in your example?

Those are 100% crops. I never noticed it until I tried to recover some shadow detail in an image taken with my new Tamron 17-50. I thought at first it was the lens, and it does seem to be more apparent with that lens, but I checked shots taken with other lenses and it's there, too. But not with shots taken with the T1i. I don't think it's because of ACR, but I can try it with the native Canon software and see if it's any different.

Those are not high ISO shots. ISO 100 for the 7D shot and ISO 200 for the T1i.

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