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I have a set of similar (michelin ones) but only used them on wifes FWD B class. Saying that when I did it allowed me to navigate some steep roads,,0,9.97

Going back winter 2011 December when we had all the snow before xmas this road above was littered on both uphillss (its a big dip ) with caras and everybody struggled to get up and down it.

With the socks the car went nice and true with very good control down and up the hill no problems. Its amazing how much they work. No good for long driving anything about 25mph and they will fall apart quickly.

They are all deisgned to get you out of trouble and kind a limp home mode. I would not rely to drive on motorway etc. But to take kids to school or get shopping home if driven slowly will be fine and you must remove them moment you hit gritted road as the tarmac contat will shred them.

Personally now have one car with winter tyres my E90 and wifes B stays with socks. If you plan on lot of journeys than winters are a better bet than these

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