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I have both an BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from two very prestigious engineering schools in the country.

I wouldn't go into engineering if I had to do it all over again. The opportunities and pay just aren't there (although friends and other non-engineers have a huge mis-perception it does). Obama and Romney both say this country is in need of engineers, but my experience has been the complete opposite. I've been fighting for a decent engineering job since day 1 of graduating. Opportunities are few and far in between and 99.99% of engineers don't work on the interesting things like the Space Shuttle. Mechanical and Industrial engineering are both closely tied to manuafcturing and we all know which direction this country has gone with manufacturing. Don't listen to the pres, it ain't coming back (at least in our lifetime). I've directly closed down factories and transfered thousands of American-made products to be made in China. That was my engineering job for 7 years.