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Originally Posted by tonyteam View Post
how much is more tDI? is dangerous 600ml of water inje at max Flow for the 3000cc bmw ?
Good question. This is an area where more is definitely not always better. And lots of good published journal articles (from sources not selling products) are available regarding impacts to/from water/alcohol injection.

There's some info online about sizing injectors based on engine displacement, boost, max rpm, etc. (for example The BT data (EGT's and boosted intake air temps) and AEM flow guage were useful for zeroing in on the current setup. And ongoing oil analysis and constant monitoring of engine operating parameters shows the engine is working well with things as they are. Considering the calculator linked above the current setup is just slightly higher than their recommended flow rate.

As a side note, the DDE doesn't seem to like it if you inject at low boost/load conditions. It can set a "pending" code in these cases. But no problems yet observed with waiting until near max boost conditions exist before engaging injection.