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Only do engineering if you have a genuine interest in engineering and building things. I did electrical engineering at a top 3 school because I really liked it and am doing fine. BUT there were plenty of people in my program who just did it because their parents told them to, and they didn't do well and were not happy.

Don't do engineering as a way to make money. There are many better ways to make more money with less work.

If you're going to do mechanical engineering, the place that's really hot is robotics. But understand that that area of MechE is a lot more like computer science and electrical engineering than traditional MechE. Lots of control systems, algorithms, coding, and embedded systems building.

As the other poster said industrial engineering is largely tied to manufacturing, and IMHO isn't that hot right now.

Future high-tech industry is going to follow the Apple model:
- Designed in California
- Manufactured in China