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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
Hurricane Sandy is getting some blame for Romney's loss. Yet the GOP is still arguing that global warming is a myth even as they blame a storm that was largely a product of global warming.
For the record, I'm a right winger who is not blaming Sandy. If anything, it would have prevented people from getting out to vote in the states which historically tend to vote Democrat, not Republican. It may have cost Obama votes, not Romney. Mabye a wash in the end, because those undecideds who were affected, but could still make it to a polling station, might be more inclined to vote Obama if they felt he handled the tragedy well.

Talking about global warming, this is a good example of how Democrats present an pro-environment argument that sounds better at first, until you think it thru. (it has that in common with a LOT of the left-wing platform, IMHO).

Manufacturing 1 widget produces x amount of carbon footprint if you make it here. BUT, it's much more expensive to make it here than in China, where the lack of controls also means it creates 2x the carbon footprint to make that same widget.

If you implement carbon taxes here or more punitive environmental rules here, then all the production elsewhere will go overseas. What happens then ? Assuming the global aggregate production of widgets stays the same (or goes up because of increased demand in emerging markets), then the world ends up with the same (or more) widgets that it would have had anyways, but twice the pollution hits the atmosphere to make them. Well-meaning, but ill conceived efforts to improve the environment actually make it worse, unless you outlaw the possession of widgets altogether. Of course if places like China and India dont also outlaw those widgets, then you've just killed a lot of jobs and gained nothing.

It's as pointless as having a no-peeing section in 1/2 of a hot-tub, but the other half of the same tub allows all the peeing you want.

Enough of my ranting for tonight. Time for a nice single malt. Good evening to all.