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Possible New Owner, Help!

So my first car has been a 2012 Camaro SS and Im looking at making a possible trade for a BMW. I am looking for something a little less flashy, as well as more gas efficient and save me from my sky high insurance rates. Also Camaros have been popping up everywhere. Im looking at the BMW 335i or 135i. Sedan or coupe. Ive seen and read all of the ways that the n54 can be modded for crazy power so I wont miss out too much on my 425 horses.

My question is, as a first time bmw owner what specific packages or things should I be looking at for these cars? Im looking at between 2009 and 2010 cars to get the n54. Also is the coupe any faster than the sedan and which transmission is faster?

Sorry for the paragraphs, I know forum members hate that but thank you!