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Originally Posted by sickem View Post
Can someone give a step by step on how to actually adjust values in the table, ideally with some screen shots? Ive asked for this in other threads and been ignored. I max out trims completely on E85 maps at 100% OL even on stage 2 and I'm full bolt-on. Now I'm maxing out trims even on pump gas. I get these codes...

29E0/1 (fuel mixture control 1&2)
2c32 lambda probe in front of cat 2, Trimming control
2c6b Lambda probe behind catalytic converter, System check

Replaced the primary oxygen sensors and the codes are back again, even after reloading maps and clearing adaptations..

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Sorry to jack your thread, OP...but here's a log. This is non-E85 9-10 maps, stage 3.
I have issues with maxing trims on 91 as well. If you run too high of an OL, like 95% or 100%, you're prone to throw a fuel pressure code I believe. I've been wanting to get the Procede flash, but I can't justify the downtime on my DD right now.
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