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Originally Posted by igorbmwx5
Hi kaigoss69. I have purchased mObridge M1000-M-DA2 for my 09 X5 E70 with, currently, logic 7 (factory) amp, which I am planning to replace with aftermarket McIntosh amps. In any case, could you please send me connection diagram and all recommended voltages. I understand that red (+12V), black (-), what about the blue wire? What voltage (+?). I was trying to update the firmware on it and set it up for my BMW X5; however, I was not able to connect to the unit. Error message appears that most likely there is no power to the unit. What I did, I connected +12V to the red and (-) to the black (from my computer's DC power supply output). Do you think that the problem is with blue wire not connected to anything ??? Thank you in advance.
Blue wire is usually remote wire.
You should be connecting it to your car electrical system and not your laptop power cable. Some / most laptops work on 9 volts which will be less for DA2.