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I take the opposite view. The use of drones is so under reported and most people are unaware that the US (and Israel) use drones on a daily basis and kill so many people. Often its the case that innocent civilians get caught up in these attacks. Who gave US/Israel the authority to carry out these acts? I call it terrorism.

This is the problem with media though. If Iran or any other country tried to use drones they would be accused of terror/spy links and these drones would be shot down in a second and noone would question it. Yet when the tables are turned people start calling for war on Iran. A war that would be much worse than Iraq and Afghanistan. Many innocent people will die.I think about this all the time and I'm worried what's going to happen next.

Netanyahu has already confirmed many times he is trigger happy and ready to stike Iran:

I'm sorry but that just reminds me of Colin Powell scaring us into believing Saddam had WMD.

The irony is worse though because Israel is scaring us into believing Iran MIGHT get weapons when Israel ALREADY HAS nuclear weapons:


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