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Awesome job...saving the AT folks! but looks like people with AA intercooler(Me!) might have problem fitting that cooler where you put it...
There are other coolers to entertain in your case. You could use a shorter one but the ones that are smaller in height have less BTU heat dissipation unless they are thicker. But this cooler is 1.5" thick. Any thicker and you sacrifice not getting any air to the cooler because it will abut the radiator shroud. It really is a tight fit. I would recommend using one of the wheel wells if you have that available.

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Sweet! It takes a leap of faith to do something like this. I'm sure the entire AT community will be be very grateful to you...bunch of pansies that you are j/k

Nice new M3 bumper btw. I was trying to look up your accident thread, but all the pictures are gone. You had the standard oem bumper before you got hit, correct?
Well I didnt post up all the detials of my electrical problem because I thought it would bore everyone. The reason I deleted many of the pics from old posts about the accident is that when my car was at the dealer the dealer orginally told me they could not help me. Part of the problem was the OBD 2 port was not connecting to the ECU. They could not read codes to diagnose the problem. The car was completely unusable and the battery would die every day. The car was essentially a brick.

They even told me to come pick up my car and tow it away. I was concerned that I would be in for a massive fight with the insurance company and BMW to total my car because of this accident causing an electrical problem which rendered it unusable. Turned out that with a bit of coaxing they did their job and figured it out. I had a short in the fuse box. The car thought it was in a rollover and the jolt from the accident knocked something loose to disallow power to the CAS, DSC, ABS, and multiple other things. When I thought my car may never be returned to me I deleted pics just in case BMW or anyone was going to make it difficult for me to make a claim like that. Now that I feel confident the car is back and working well I am not concerned.

Yes new M3 bumper. I had the stock bumper with the lower skirt. They cost about the same.

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great mod, looking forward to som temp data!
Hopefully these next few days. I really want to know just as much as you guys.