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love the 'GT ROAD'....bruuuaaah!

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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
It's not just a bit more power it's the power delivery. Relative linearity compared with the single turbo for 2k with nothing either side.

335 is much much more of a drivers car.

But the torque is completely in another world when compared to 330d anyway. Although, 330d mapped well will top 300 horses. Thing is the 335d mapped well will get 350. To the detriment of economy of course. Which is why I suggested 330d to the OP as the best all round decision in the range, or if going LCI the 325d with a map to save money on the marketing ... (As that's the only difference, software and price point).
Is the difference in MPG very significant then between a 330d and 335d?

Once my golf sells, am looking to get either a 530d or 535d and am not sure what the economy difference will be? Also, are there any other running costs that differ massively i.e. brakes, mechanicals etc?

Apologies OP, but broadly related to your original ask