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Originally Posted by GrussGott

Basically, I shouldn't pursue a masters quite yet or go into an engineering discipline?

I graduate in 3 weeks btw
Early congrats on your graduation!

I wouldn't say that you shouldn't pursue the masters degree. You have to evaluate each scenario for yourself. Some questions come to mind:

* Get Masters
** Are you OK with taking the undergrad engineering classes/pre-requisites? This might mean you are in school for a year or two longer while you get those done.
** Have you taken all the standardized testing yet? or maybe you can get in without those if you attend the same school as your unrdergrad.

* Get a job
** Is there any job you can think of that will make you happy with your current skill set?

In the end, you gotta do what is right for you. If your instincts are telling you that becoming a PM is the right thing to do, then you should do that. Look at job postings for PM's at companies you'd want to work at and see what their requirements are and get those (i assume they require engineering degrees).

True story: I wanted to be a patent lawyer until I worked closely with them. The money put a smile on their faces, but the work wasn't that interesting to me.