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stupid driver did this me

before i purchased my e90 i had a golf mk5 gt170 . i thought id share some photos with you guys to show you what happens when a car jumps a red light and crosses infront of you

the rear drivers tyre exploded on impact with the curb

front passanger got pushed back and snapped the engine mounts and broke loads of other stuff

airbags HURT!

the dual main road was closed off

so all in all i had :
the only fire engine on call
2 ambulances
2 motorway t5s
2 panda cars
1 dog van

my car took his rear axle off and he still tried driving off. he got about 500 yards and dumped it and legged it .

the insurance decided that it would be written off as there was 11,500 worth of damage and was past repair

some people are just plain stupid !