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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post

Can anybody advice me

I had full (old) version of bmw standart tools now I downloaded ST 2.11 Instalation went fine but when I open INPA there is no car chasis to choose
copy the code below to INPA.ini file into your INPA/CFGDAT folder(create one). If file exists, just copy over the lines below [CONFIG]
also CFGDAT folder is empty Im guessing there is no any DATEN files. BTW instalation file of BMW ST was 31 Mb is that normal?
It is normal. Only applications are included.

Ive searched already few days for some kind of full version full pack but Im done couldnt find it anywhere. Could someone please share or advice me what to do? Im really exhausted already that thing drives me crazy. Where to get at least full pack of SP DATEN files.
Download the specific daten files for your chassis, they are all over the net. Then copy the files over manually. You should be sorted for the daten files.

Would appreciate so much
Also, make sure you register your dll if you use Tool32 and WinKfp.
//* Nacharbeitsauswahl INPA
//* Datei INPA.INI
//* Drexel TI-430

VERSION               = 5.00
DATUM                 = 16.02.2004
VARIANTE              = ENGLISH

DRUCKER               = WIN
PEM                   = JA
LANGUAGE              = ENGLISCH

EDITOR                = WIN
DEFINI                = 

TITEL                 = BMW Diagnosis Program

F2                    = E87
F2_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E87

F3                    = E46
F3_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E46

F4                    = E60
F4_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E60

F5                    = E65
F5_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E65

F6                    = E85
F6_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E85

F7                    = E83
F7_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E83

F8                    = E53
F8_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E53

F13                   = Sonder
F13_KNOPF             = Special
F13_TEXT              = Special tests

F12                   = R50
F12_Text              = Mini R50
F12_ARCHIV            = SGBD_R50

F9                    = E90
F9_ARCHIV             = SGBD_E90

F15                   = RR1
F15_Text              = Rolls Royce RR1
F15_ARCHIV            = SGBD_RR1

F19                   = BMW_ALT
F19_KNOPF             = Old
F19_TEXT              = Old modells
F19_ARCHIV            = SGBD_BMW

SCRIPTS               = *