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Originally Posted by keeedle
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Nice day
Hey guys, I am pretty much set my mind on getting the BMW PE for my 328i(thanks to CJ421 and Hasek9339 lol). And maybe 2nd cats delete too. Now, the only problem is where to get it.

From tischer, the price is $995 + $44.95 shipping = $1044.95 shipped
Link: Here
From BMW of Monrovia, the price is $883.84 + $60-100 shipping = approx. $940-980 shipped
Link: Here

I know that a lot of members are getting their PEs from tischer, but both of them are BMW dealer, should I get it from Monrovia and use that extra money for installation? Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

Btw, other then the PE I am going to get, I bought the simota v2 intake with cyba scoops and I think I am going to install them together once I get my exhaust. I'm pretty excited.
PM E60oholic he set me up with a great deal I paid if I remember around $900 shipped send him a PM and he'll set you up with a dealer with a great price!!!