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Originally Posted by mowflow View Post
I remember that thread Roger. It was just a general car history thread Started by Peter I think. This is more a how many in a given time span thread so that I can show it to my wife to prove I'm not as bad as you lot.

I think we should count from start of the year 2008.
My list should put you in her good books as I am a serial Car Changer Must be something in the water as I live about 5 Miles from Palmnuts
25 although some are just a newer/better Model

Golf R32 (x 2)
Alpina B3
Scirocco GTi
Evo X 300 (x 2)
911 C4S PDK
Golf Pirelli
GT-R Base Model
Evo X 330 (x 4)
GT-R Black Edition (x 2)
Scirocco R x 2
M3 Dakar Edition E92
M3 E92
TT-RS (S-Tronic)
RS 3 x 2
Golf R
Golf Edition 30
GT-R Premium (530)