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Originally Posted by BigNate View Post
yeah it was crazy, today the roads are still pretty bad, hopefully the city addresses it before the commute home.
Ok good, I was a little suspicious of the whole thing. I still don't get how the windshield cracked though.

Originally Posted by blue_E92 View Post
Wow nice, congrats on the new car. I really like the interior and I like where you are going with the car already with the lux and tints, I would recommend 20% but thats just my opinion especially because of the light interior. As for future mods, lower it, splitters/front lip, wheels (not necessarily that order). to lower a car i would recommend coil overs or springs with a good set of struts, I would not recommend just springs. Take your time do your research there is a lot of good information on the forum and do it right the first time and you will be happy good luck!
I was thinking of doing 20% tints as well. Some people think it's too dark but I'm not sure yet. As for the mods, yes LUX angels/LED Fogs/Tints/M3 Lip spoiler are all ordered an on the way. Other mods, I'm not sure about...I don't really want it to look too sporty or flashy but I will look at some pics and see what I want to do. Lowering seems interesting but costly. I will consider this for sure.