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Originally Posted by The Low Key OG View Post
Stock for stock a 335 is dead even with an SS to 60. SS gains ~.3-.4 seconds in the 1/4.

I'd recommemd iDrive. They changed it in 09, it has a great navigation system and huge HDD for tons of music. Find a color combo you like, there's so many options.

Did you buy your SS or did your parents? If you did, how did you make it happen? Jc.
Hmm... Ive gotten some pulls on a stock 335i while I was stock on a closed course and I had about 2 car lengths on him by 60. Maybe MT?
And is there any specific interior that take wear and tear a little less?
And is the paint strong? I have a metallic black now and it scratches if anything touches it at all, even after a wax.

Sorry for all the questions hahahah, Im pretty new to this.

And well I have a job and I paid for the downpayment and first year of payments and my dad took over after that, now that Im busy with school and college apps I have less time to work.