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Originally Posted by Thumperx View Post
Cool set up. My .02 cents on your direction is for you to think about the part & installation expense. I've done what you are planning to do. Installing items piece by piece which cost more in the end than rather installing them in large groups ( don't need to do everything all at once).

If you are thinking about M3 parts, If you decide to change the rear sway bar, the entire rear sub frame needs to be dropped. Depending who does the job, it's a 5-7 hour job @ +\- 100/hr for the install. If planning to track the car, then road balancing the wheels and tires maybe an option.

Also what is your main reason for changing the suspension?
Yikes. I may stay away from the M3 parts. It may also be overkill.

I have an xi so I hate the stance. Plus I find the suspension to be a bit floaty at times. I'm not that concerned with aesthetics, that's why I think the Eibach's will be perfect (considered H&R but I don't want that huge drop). I just want a more planted ride and a bit lower stance. I will never track the car, so it will just see road use.