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Originally Posted by bigdaddycane View Post
It's funny how the few Dinan Kool Aid drinkers so vehemently defend (see overly defensive) Dinan products almost to the point of looking ridiculous, especially when they try to knock the competition and claim "safety issues" or lack of quality. It's nice to see that BuraQ has gotten away from the Cult and realized that others do software much better and it's still safe.

BMS, Vishnu and COBB have each put more R&D into their software than Dinan ever will. N54 motors are NOT blowing up or breaking anything with thousands of users pushing the envelope with these three brands. Safety is NOT an issue if you stay within the parameters that the tuner sets. 95% of COBB, BMS or Vishnu useers are never going to have an issue because they do not go outside of the paramters of the software.

If you want to talk hardware, there are plenty of brands that are as good or better than Dinan parts for much less money. FMIC? The Helix is a comparable yet better unit for HALF the price. Helix builds quality stuff. That's ONE example....plenty more can be made.

yes this was about S2 to S3 differences, but when good venders are knocked just to justify Dinan stuff it turns into something else.
And its equally interesting to see the non-Dinan fans so vehemently knock the one tuning firm that's been tuning BMWs far longer than any of the newcomers. I suppose it's jealousy or just plain ignorance, but personally, I could care less what you and all the others who are just compelled somehow to throw in their unwanted opinions when the subject matter of the post has nothing at all to do with whether or not they like Dinan products. Nobody "knocked" the other vendors like the trolls here seem to be so eager to do to Dinan, but EVERY time someone mentions Dinan, the trolls just can't WAIT to tell everyone how "unworthy" it is. So the moral of the story here is if you don't have anything relevant or worthwhile to contribute, keep your opinions to yourself and avoid arguments like this one.

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