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Originally Posted by tmaung View Post
I did something similar. Ended up using a JL 700/5 and JL 200/2 and the technic harness and all problems are solved. JL 200/2 powered the rears and 700/5 powered the front, under seat, and trunk sub (JL 10w6v2). This is assuming that your car comes with HiFi though. I got all my stuff through MusicarNW. PM (VP Electricity) to find out more and also check out their website. You can't go wrong with his solution!
Seconded. I'm running BSW speakers, Jenhert underseats, ID12 sub in the corner mount enclosure all running off the MS-8 and a JL XD700/5. Sounds incredible, and this was an upgrade from the base audio system. VP Electricity has incredible knowledge of our systems and fantastic customer service, highly recommend working with him.