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Cool Exhuast Being Put On Now!!!

HELL YES, haha. Ive been waiting forever to put my BMW PE on and now im in the waiting room at BMW of Bellevue having it put on!! ill def have to post the before and after videos so we can see the difference between the two and so others that are having a hard time deciding can make the leap!
So from what i heard it sounds pretty amazing. I searched and searched and then searched some more, i did hours of research on others experiences and opinions of the before and after of the PE install. grinding work haha, this was because i just simply couldent find a good and reliable quality video of the sound of the PE on a 325i. I found some with just the muffler, then others with the whole set up, but none of the US n52 325i model. I found EURO specs with a video of the PE, but as we know there are a couple differences in the cars. The nice gentlemen of this video talked to me and told me his experience with it.....plain out he loved it and said i should take the leap. After talking with a couple people on the forums as well I decided hey, what the hell, and took the leap. With all the research and others talking to me about their different models, I figured the 1k price tag wouldent be bad considering i actually wanted to HEAR my car! Im expecting great things and i will def post after i have had it installed and enjoyed it for the day. Ill also talk about any changes i feel or see in the car (but i have heard not much of a improvement besides sound) but oh the sound will be worth it!! Im unlocking the inner beast of my N52!
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