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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
I read that you earned your Dinan badge? Which other Dinan parts do you have installed (sorry if you already mentioned it).
Well, that's what they said after (while my hand was shaking) I handed over the cc for payment! They had some paperwork to send in and that I would be getting a badge and they would call me after it came in and would install for free. Oh boy!!

As to my Dinan products, I have the intercooler, the oil cooler and of course the S3 flash. Frankly, looking at the Dinan website, the numbers don't add up for me(ie each Dinan product has a set number of awarded points and if you hit a certain level you get a badge). But the last time I looked my point totals were not sufficient to qualify but maybe they changed the requirements.

Either way, my plan was always to have more of a sleeper, rather than putting a sign on my car that says, vroom vroom vroom, come one come all!