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Originally Posted by CHECKERED View Post
I agree I will make those changes I have a tires column but adding pressure is a bit too much, if we are going to be accounting for every single variable we will be ending up with driver weight, car weight, headwind, track prep, temperature, barometric pressure, it just gets too much 60 foot will be added and members can draw their own conclusions based on that.

No problem ... the only reason why i think tire pressure is good to track, is that it makes a huge difference while you're at the track (its one of the few things you can really change between runs).

You can drop pressure too much and it will hurt your final trap. You run too high, your 60' sucks, but your trap may be good.

Thanks for maintaining this list.

Here's my submission:
2008 335i Sedan (e90)
100 octane (there was some 91 in there too - do recall the final mix), 100% meth
Vishnu Procede v2 (october 2011 map)
K&N Dual Cone Intake
Helix Intercooler
AR Design Catless Downpipes
AE Catless Exhaust
Vishnu PPS Meth Kit (older model type) - 100% meth
Kosei K-1 Wheels - MT ET 275x40x17
No passenger seat, no rear seats, Wavetrac LSD, Forge Diverter Valves

52 degF, tire pressure 19psi

11.538 @ 118.673MPH
Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (58mm) 6AT ... 60-130 in 6.881 seconds
Vishnu Procede Rev.3, Vishnu PWM Meth Kit, AE Exhaust, Helix IC, Forge DVs, Wavetrac LSD
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