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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
I believe Long Island is taking SO much longer because they are not allowing non-union crews to help them.
NJ also didn't allow non union crews. Watching the news last night all I heard were complaints from LI people about gas shortages. Guess what LI, NJ has had the same thing that took effect for you today all freaking week. And guess what, gas station lines are beyond shorter than what they were last week.

I myself didn't have power from midday Monday till Thursday night. I got cable and internet back on Friday night. I live off an inlet from the ocean that you can see from the GSP but flooding was minimal because of the lack of rain. On Wednesday, 50% of my town didn't have power because some of it has massive flood damage from being near the water and the other people I can't explain. National Guard is also guarding the area's with water damage from the ocean all along the Jersey coast. Some towns have had curfews due to massive looting.