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Originally Posted by Verbatim View Post
horsepower is a better measure of.... power
so, it's really 190 vs 280
the bmw will excel in many other categories though!
Just a continuation to shed more light on that.
HP is tq multiplied by a number (or function, I forgot).

The high number of tq for the 320d combined with a low HP will tell you that the redline is super low, and that the powerband is nowhere up at the top of the revband.


You can contrast this to say an e9x m3 or an audi r8. Both motors have high hp, but low torque. That is because they have a high-reving motor. (Higher number of revs [multiplied] by lower torque to get high hp.)
If you were God, and can make any specification engine in the world, and wanted the m3 or r8 engine to make the same HP with LOTS more torque, you would have to decrease the redline. (Again, higher torque to reach the same HP as before, you would have to lower the rpm)

It's a bit of a weird concept, but once it clicks, it all makes sense.

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