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I installed the CIC/CID hardware myself, and FSC code changes were done by Bimmer-Tech remotely through internet connection. In order to have remote work done, you need to have a laptop configured with NCS Expert tool. Below are other explanation you may not need to know, but it may help you to understand your options in CIC retrofit.

After installing the hardware, configuring the hardware for my car VIN was as easy as reading the CIC ECU and writing back to it, as the NCS Expert tool knows what your car (all other ECUs) has and configures the right entries for the CIC ECU.

The problem you'll run into is the having the right FSC code for MAP and Voice activation if the donor CIC did not already come with it or if it did you don't have the bypass module that tricks the CIC to appear as if the VIN from the donor car (from which the FSC codes are generated) is the VIN on your car.

You have 3 options:

1) Navigation only W/ bypass module: If you already know what your CIC VIN is, Bimmer-Tech or Sergej can give you a good deal on FSC code for Navigation. Make sure your FSC order matches the navigation version.

2) Navigation & Voice control W/ bypass module: Change the CIC VIN and FSC code to another VIN that already has the proper FSCs for both Navigation and Voice Control. If you don't have the know-how to accomplish this, you can request this option from Bimmer-Tech, assuming you already have the bypass module suggested earlier.

3) Navigation and/or Voice control (W/out bypass module): This is the most expensive option because the vendor will have to order new FSC codes for your car VIN. Some say FSC codes can be made easily by vendors who have the right tool to generate them, but I can't confirm it. Either way, this is the ideal option but will cost you dearly.

The 2nd option was best for me because I installed the bypass module.

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