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Originally Posted by cn555ic
1. Start NCSExpert & Load FSW PSW MAN profile.
2. Press F1 then F3 and select E89 then select CAS
3. Press F6 then F4. From the modules listed select NFRM
4. Under the word 'JOBNAME' on NCSExpert you will now have something which starts FRM..................................... Note all this down as you will need it later.
5. Press F4 (read ECU). A box title NETTODAT.TRC will now open - you can close this.
6. You can now close NCSExpert
7. The above should have saved you a NETTODAT.TRC file in your NCSExpert Work folder. You are now going to change this file using NCSDummy.
8. Open NCSDummy - if it is the first time you have used it specify the path to your NCSExpert DATEN folder (I was using DATEN 46.1 for this)
9. In NCS Dummy select the following: Chassis - E89. Module - FRM3_E89.C32. FSW/PSW or Nettodata trace - the NETTODAT.TRC file you created above.
10. If you have done this correctly a new Tab appears labelled Trace Editor. Select this.
11. You now need to amend two entries: PWM_SL_1_FKT_BL_TFL & PWM_SL_1_FKT_SL_TFL. The entries are in alphabetical order so are easy to find.
12. For the first one mine had options wert 1 to 9 available with wert 3, 6 & 9 selected. In the second one wert 1 to 11 was available with 3, 4 & 10 selected. If you click on any of the selected ones the part you are interested in is listed as Data in the details section (this is what sepcifies the voltage)
13. On mine the BL showed Data of 0A,D7 and the SL showed Data of 06,66.
14. To override these if you right click on one of the selected entries you are given the option to add new custom parameters. The new custom parameter will be given the name <benutzerdefinierte> - <custom>.
15. Once added, click the box to the left to select it and this should deselect the previous 'factory' selected options
16. The Data option in details below should show as 00,00 and you can change this to any allowable entry. If you use 0C,2C you are specifying 13.7 volts. I am using 0C,9F - see http://www.**************/showthread....ll=1#post28763 why
17. Make sure this is done for both the BL and SL entries
18. Once completed click Editor Functions and Export Nettodata Trace File. You should now be able to save a NETTODAT.MAN file.
19. You can now close NCSDummy as we have just created a new MAN file which we are going to use to code the NRFM module.
20. Start NCSExpert & Load Revtor's NCE Expert Profile
21. Press F1 then F3 and select E89 the select CAS
22. Press F6 then F4. From the modules listed select NFRM
23. A popup window will now open and check the details to those listed in point 4. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER IF THEY DO NOT MATCH AS YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG.
24. Assuming above is OK click OK and press F5 (basic functions). In the popup window select coapiCodeSgByNettoData.
25. For the CBD name make sure the correct module is already set & for Nettodatenliste enter NETTODAT.MAN (the file you created above)
26. Click OK to start the coding job.

If you still don't know what to do let me know.
Thanks a lot for that so much effort to support. Unfortunately I m out of town for sometime without the car, however I think since that I have been away from coding for almost a year. Where do you think I can locate latest versions of ncsexpert, and daten ???

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