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Originally Posted by lunchbox View Post
Would you say they absorb bumps as well as stock setup? I actually like the stock ride but just hate the look . I was thinking of going Dinan stage two but from reading your review you seem pretty happy and that setups less then the Dinan.
It does much better than stock over all bumps, esp those small sharp ones that stock seems to bottom out on. It is firmer but more supple if that makes sense. I like the look of the drop, but more important the functional aspect of handling improvement is massive. It now feels like a true german sports-GT car, whereas before it felt disconnected and floaty. My main complaint on the stock shocks was very little/poor rebound control, which makes the car pitch and roll, dive and squat like a boat. That is all gone, even on the softest Koni setting.

I also tweaked the alignment a bit to a more sporting setting, that together with the susp makes it pretty tossable, very satisfying to drive and get aggressive with. Before it felt like it would roll over.

Note presently I have 18" 189 OEM wheels and Conti DWS in stock staggered size. I live in the mountains and you nearly always need some all season capability 8-9 months out of the year.