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Originally Posted by GreekboyD View Post
In the summer on my 18" wheels I'd be getting 7.5L/100 km or 31.4 mpg. Now with my 17" winter wheels I'm getting 5.4L/100 km or 43.5 mpg. This is highway mileage that I'm talking about.

It must be the tire size?
My D uses 17" for both normal and Winter tires and I do not have any difference in FE which averages out at 7.6 L/100 KM with a best tank average of 6.7 L/100 KM.

What is your range per tank (KM travelled per tank)?

What speed are you cruising to get 5.4 L/100KM?

When I drive on the 400 series in Toronto it is impossible to drive below 120 KM/Hr and in most instances I am driving at 140 KM/Hr which is why my average fuel consumption is around 7.6 L/100KM.
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