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Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
I think the fact that Israel has nuclear weapons, and refuses to use them unless in danger of being completely destroyed bolsters their stance. I've been on site with the Israeli army, and they're even more morally obligated than the US army. We all know that if Iran every got its hand on a nuclear weapon, it would be fired the next day...
I hope this is sarcasm, because if not, then you completely disregard the fact that Iran hasn't invaded/occupied a foreign territory since the Persian Empire (Turn off Faux news). Remind me who without a doubt, bombs or use drone strikes on their neighbors or countries on the other side of the world regularly, where numerous times, innocent bystanders are killed in the process? Contrary to what you bible-thumping conservatards claim, Iran has behaved quite rationally when the only nuclear military superpower in the middleeast makes constants threats to bomb their country. Even our Joint Chief of Staff agrees:


But I'm certain if Iranian's were flying drones, say 15 miles off of Hawaii, we shouldn't be concerned, especially if just a few months prior, we downed one of their drones who were flying in our airspace.

I guess it's cool though since they're brown people.
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