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So, after deciding I needed a v8 in my life I got my head turned by a certain m3 on autotrader. Weeks or so later the 335d had a friend on the drive. Been visiting m3 cutters but don't want to lose links with uk e90 post so thought I'd keep a thread running on here as during my 335d ownership your support and advice has been tops.

08 plate 6 speed with 25k mileage.

This is the 335d ( that really I should be doing a for sale ad instead of doing this!)

Any way, thought I'd start a thread as a few plans for it, over the next couple of months. Need to shift the 335d really to free up the cash but have bought a couple of bits...

Ordered these ready for pick up ( 15mm bimmec all round)

That helped to fatten the stance. Will be changing wheels but temp fix. Did this as soon as got home!

Had a few beers and tempted by price bought an exhaust so 2 days later, on the ramps,

Fitment was superb and boy does it burble. Proper v8 sound. Drones a bit at 70 but fine at 80. Will post a sound clip. This is a temporary exhaust, as once the 'big d' goes an eisenmann race will be joining us. I also have a full decat pipe, that I will be adding some 200cell racing cats to it and them adding a remap. (Be couple of months before this)

And as you may have noticed added lci rear lights. Ordered before car arrived. Tempted to nick the ones of the 335d but didn't!

Ordered from Germany. Brand new oem for 360 inc delivery.

Car had a misfire when I bought it so booked into local BMW indie and £130 later had a new coil pack and coded rear lights to boot.

Last mod after a week of ownership was taking my lux angel eyes and fitting them. For nearly £200 quid no way these were being sold!

Some big plans as love the 335d looks and pace, and the m3 looks a bit meeh! ( and feels slow!)( at low revs)