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Originally Posted by tphss
If you are worried about insurance rates I doubt you will save anything moving from a Camaro SS to a BMW. Parts are more expensive for BMW, and the value is higher in general.

By the way, I drove all the newer muscle cars (Mustang GT 5.0, Challenger R/T, Camaro SS), and other than the fact I liked the Camaro the LEAST, the feeling of a BMW is just completely different. Even if the numbers on paper of the muscle cars are better, the overall completeness and refinement of a BMW is something that cannot be beaten.

Keep in mind that in general, a sedan will be cheaper to insure than a coupe.
V8 to v6 and 120 less Hp won't decrease my rate? And yeah I've kind of realized that and wish I got a used e92 m3 instead of getting my car new... I've rode in a couple of my friends and it doesn't have the raw power of my car but it just had an overall feeling of good attention to detail and quality.
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