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Need a New Car for the Wife

The community had some great pointers each time I'm in the market for a car... although didn't go the suggested rout last time. Well that car was hit (FX35), so back to finding something. I liked the FX, especially the tech package. Below is a pic of it now.

We need something that will fit a kid and dog separately but fun to drive. Really wanted a X5 before, but really didn't like it... you have to get the v8 to enjoy in my opinion and the upgraded interior (seats mainly).

So used around 09 give or take
FX35... maybe again, but the back is really too small
Q5: no idea, haven't driven yet
x3: I like a lot, but would prefer the new 2011 interior
GLK: looks kinda goofy, but fits our needs... driving position could be a little high
A4 or 328 wagons: I like them a lot, but hard to find.
Forester??: probably shouldn't consider
x5: may try it again

What else... driving fun is really important for long trips. need to be around 30Kish... could probably spring for a little more if I loved the car.

probably not the right section for this really... opps
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